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Good Advice

7, Jul 2009

On of the things I’ve notice over the past few months is this: If I get the same advice from everyone, I’m inclined to follow it without giving it much thought. But if I get conflicting advice, like I did with my “name,” I’m much more inclined to really think about what is right for […]

I decided. I’m going to run with Benjamin Trevor Photography and use the URL I will start introducing myself to prospective couples, vendors, and other photographers as Benjamin Trevor. That will be a bit of an adjustment, but I think it’s a good idea. I’m not going to completely ignore my real last name. […]

The Notebook

5, Jul 2009

I’m still a little overloaded, though I’m chipping away everything. After meeting with the following people in St. Louis, I have several pages of chicken scratched notes in two different notebooks. I think it’s time to consolidate the list in a blog entry. Special thanks to these wonderful people for taking the time to help […]

What’s in a name?

5, Jul 2009

Though I don’t intend to be a full time wedding and portrait photographer for some time, establishing my name now is important to me. The branding and style will come with time, but I don’t want the website address I’m handing out now to change in the next six months. I’ve talked to various people […]

On my way home from dinner at my girlfriend’s house I listened to another one of Camera Dojo’s podcasts, well most it (it’s only a 25 minute drive). It’s Podcast #45 and they talk with LA wedding photographer Candice Cunningham. Before I get started, this blog is not only for other people in my situation, […]

Walk Before You Run

24, Jun 2009

I took a drawing class at St. Louis Community College – Forest Park in the late 90s. On the first day the teacher told us, “This is not a creative class. You are going to draw what I tell you to draw and how I tell you to draw it.” Many of the students got […]

I think there are two aspects to a blog: Design and Content. Content is certainly the most important. I don’t want my blog to be a Paris Hilton: all style with no substance. With the posts being the main part of the content, I’m trying to decided how to organize the categories and static pages.  […]