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Cheap Monitors

10, Feb 2010

About a year and a half ago… long before I decided to get into photography professionally I purchased my current monitor. Sure, it looked nice. It was big. Shiny. And it wasn’t too expensive. It’s a Samsung. They make nice TVs. Why not? As I started to take photography seriously and realized the prints coming […]

The Notebook

5, Jul 2009

I’m still a little overloaded, though I’m chipping away everything. After meeting with the following people in St. Louis, I have several pages of chicken scratched notes in two different notebooks. I think it’s time to consolidate the list in a blog entry. Special thanks to these wonderful people for taking the time to help […]

Last night I had the great fortune of working as a 2nd shooter for Kathryn Gaiennie. It was exhilarating and exhausting. I’m sore in places I didn’t expect to be. Here’s how it went down: I blogged about how I got this opportunity in Finding a photographer, so let me pickup where I left off. […]