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First of all… if you have a website you should be using Google Analytics. It will help you see how visitors are finding your website. For example, it told me that somebody found my page after searching “child photographers st louis“. Curious to see how many pages down the list this person clicked to find […]

Cheap Monitors

10, Feb 2010

About a year and a half ago… long before I decided to get into photography professionally I purchased my current monitor. Sure, it looked nice. It was big. Shiny. And it wasn’t too expensive. It’s a Samsung. They make nice TVs. Why not? As I started to take photography seriously and realized the prints coming […]

I’m pretty good with computers. I have Windows machines (but I do love the Mac) and I know my way around them fairly well. Often, I’m the guy friends and family turn to when they have problems with there computers. Like web design, I know just enough to get me in trouble. When I say […]

Scout Bourne hosted one of the classes I attended at Imaging USA in Nashville a few weeks ago. He was one of the few speakers not selling anything… workshops, training DVDS, books, etc…  (no offense to the speakers who were). Anyway, he runs a great blog Photofocus and is a Twittering machine too. I don’t […]

St. Louis Bride Magazine hosted a bridal show at Windows Off Washington last weekend. I didn’t have a booth but I stopped by to do a little networking with other vendors. My good friends Liz and Kristie of L Photographie had a super fun photo booth set up for all the brides-to-be…. I might not […]

This is my new business card. I just picked up the order yesterday from Diversified. 250 shiny new mini-ads for me to hand out all over St. Louis. Lesson #476 – Do NOT submit business card orders at 2 AM… when you’re tired… the last two digits of my studio cell number were completely wrong. […]

Tracy Carolyn posted this on her blog…. and I love it so much I put it on my main blog site… and I still love it so I’m posting it here too. Friggin’ hilarious.

Track Your Mileage

19, Jan 2010

As photographers, we spend a lot of time in our car driving around to location shots and consultation meetings. All that mileage needs to be tracked. I tried out the mileage apps for the iPhone: MileBug, FYI Mileage, and Shansa File-A-Mile. MileBug is by far the best. It may seem complicated bit it’s pretty easy […]

I know I have a lot to blog about after the Imaging USA conference last week but I want to get this out there while it’s on my mind. It seems many photographers have dropped offering 4×6 Proof Prints (or at least don’t include them in the standard packages) and only offer online proofing. Initially, […]


13, Jan 2010

I had a GREAT weekend in Nashville at PPA’s ImagingUSA conference. I will write more about it later but for now, here is a shot of all the hand outs and stuff I walked away with. I certainly learned a lot Thanks to Paul Nordmann and Kurtis Hall of Nordmann Photography for driving me around […]