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The Notebook

5, Jul 2009

I’m still a little overloaded, though I’m chipping away everything. After meeting with the following people in St. Louis, I have several pages of chicken scratched notes in two different notebooks. I think it’s time to consolidate the list in a blog entry. Special thanks to these wonderful people for taking the time to help […]

Photography Mentor has a few cool things to offer. The first is free. The have a collection of photography podcast feeds that I’ve found really helpful. I think that’s where I first found Camera Dojo. The second costs some money, but I think it’s REALLY cool! For $175 you can sign up for the Photography […]

I think there are two aspects to a blog: Design and Content. Content is certainly the most important. I don’t want my blog to be a Paris Hilton: all style with no substance. With the posts being the main part of the content, I’m trying to decided how to organize the categories and static pages.  […]

One of the resources I’ve heard about several times is the book Fast Track Photographer by Dane Sanders. I can’t remember where I heard about it first but I know David and Kerry at Camera Dojo have mentioned it more than once. It’s only 25 bucks so I figured I’d give it a shot. I […]

Last week I discovered the podcasts at Each week these two guys, Kerry Garrison and David Esquire put out a “totally” awesome Podcast (one of them says “totally” all the time, by his hair cut I’m guessing it’s David). I’ve only listened to a few episode so far, but I’m already hooked. In episodes […]