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I’m pretty good with computers. I have Windows machines (but I do love the Mac) and I know my way around them fairly well. Often, I’m the guy friends and family turn to when they have problems with there computers. Like web design, I know just enough to get me in trouble. When I say […]

Scout Bourne hosted one of the classes I attended at Imaging USA in Nashville a few weeks ago. He was one of the few speakers not selling anything… workshops, training DVDS, books, etc…  (no offense to the speakers who were). Anyway, he runs a great blog Photofocus and is a Twittering machine too. I don’t […]

St. Louis Bride Magazine hosted a bridal show at Windows Off Washington last weekend. I didn’t have a booth but I stopped by to do a little networking with other vendors. My good friends Liz and Kristie of L Photographie had a super fun photo booth set up for all the brides-to-be…. I might not […]

This is my new business card. I just picked up the order yesterday from Diversified. 250 shiny new mini-ads for me to hand out all over St. Louis. Lesson #476 – Do NOT submit business card orders at 2 AM… when you’re tired… the last two digits of my studio cell number were completely wrong. […]

Tracy Carolyn posted this on her blog…. and I love it so much I put it on my main blog site… and I still love it so I’m posting it here too. Friggin’ hilarious.

Track Your Mileage

19, Jan 2010

As photographers, we spend a lot of time in our car driving around to location shots and consultation meetings. All that mileage needs to be tracked. I tried out the mileage apps for the iPhone: MileBug, FYI Mileage, and Shansa File-A-Mile. MileBug is by far the best. It may seem complicated bit it’s pretty easy […]

I know I have a lot to blog about after the Imaging USA conference last week but I want to get this out there while it’s on my mind. It seems many photographers have dropped offering 4×6 Proof Prints (or at least don’t include them in the standard packages) and only offer online proofing. Initially, […]


13, Jan 2010

I had a GREAT weekend in Nashville at PPA’s ImagingUSA conference. I will write more about it later but for now, here is a shot of all the hand outs and stuff I walked away with. I certainly learned a lot Thanks to Paul Nordmann and Kurtis Hall of Nordmann Photography for driving me around […]

New Chapter!

7, Jan 2010

It has been a LOOOONG time since I’ve posted. It’s terrible. I know. The back end of 2009 was a rough one. The two movies I worked on were the most unpleasant of my film career, I got a bacterial pneumonia that required a week in the hospital and two weeks of IV antibiotics at […]