Track Your Mileage

19 Jan

As photographers, we spend a lot of time in our car driving around to location shots and consultation meetings. All that mileage needs to be tracked. I tried out the mileage apps for the iPhone: MileBug, FYI Mileage, and Shansa File-A-Mile.

MileBug is by far the best. It may seem complicated bit it’s pretty easy to use. There is a free version which has a 10 trip limit. But full version is only $3.99. They have a website too:

You can track trips by separate category (business, personal, medical, etc), you can change the mileage rate, track expenses (tolls/parking), and more. The app will export the forms below directly from the iPhone (if you have email enabled). You can just cut-n-past the following tables into excel. It’s pretty sweet. You can even export ONLY the business trips or only the Medical trips. You can have the data sorted in different ways too.

Shansa File-A-Mile uses the iPhone’s GPS, a great idea, but it was mileage was “as-the-crow-flies” not actual driven miles. And the export systems isn’t nearly as awesome.

FYI Mileage was pretty good but it’s export function isn’t as cool as MileBug either.

I swear I don’t work for these people. I’m just a new photographer who likes helpful technology. I think they made a great product that can help save us money in deductions and an IRS headache down the road.



Benjamin Trevor Photography

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