The Best 75 Bucks I’ve Spent In A Long Time

30 Jan

I’m pretty good with computers. I have Windows machines (but I do love the Mac) and I know my way around them fairly well. Often, I’m the guy friends and family turn to when they have problems with there computers. Like web design, I know just enough to get me in trouble. When I say trouble, I mean I can figure most things out it just takes me a LONG time.

For some time I’ve been wanting to access the hard drives on my desktop computer over my wireless network with my laptop. I’ve also wanted to find  a better anti-virus program other than Norton. All of this stuff is no big deal, I could figure it out if I wanted to spend the time to figure it out… but I don’t want to spend the time.

So, Lisa Mandel recommended her computer guru Kenton Klein of HealthyPC. He came over and in less than one hour networked the drives I wanted, dumped Norton for a FREE anti-virus system called avast!, pointed me to Casper to backup my hard drives with, and cleaned up all the junk programs that start up every time I turn on my computer. My laptop is running like new again.

So, my point is… FIND A COMPUTER GURU AND PAY HIM/HER TO CLEAN UP YOUR SYSTEMS. It is worth it, trust me!

If you live/work in the St. Louis Metro Area, I highly recomend Kenton. Here is his contact info:

Kenton Klein
Kenton [at] thehealthypc [dot] com

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