Cheap Monitors

10 Feb

About a year and a half ago… long before I decided to get into photography professionally I purchased my current monitor.

Sure, it looked nice. It was big. Shiny. And it wasn’t too expensive. It’s a Samsung. They make nice TVs. Why not?

As I started to take photography seriously and realized the prints coming out of my printer did not match what I saw on screen. So I got a ColorMunki… but things still weren’t right. The colors were close but the brightness was WAY off.

Obviously a print is going to be darker by nature (it doesn’t EMIT light)… but it was bad.

Then I started having my prints done at a pro lab… could be the printer right? (even though I used the ColorMunki on that too).

Still too dark. WTF? I spent damn near 500 bucks on this stupid calibration tool and my prints still don’t look right.

Then I started to notice something while sitting at my computer… if I changed my position relative to the monitor, the image would shift in brightness. To the left, to the right, up, down… it wouldn’t take much, inches really, to see a shift in luminosity and color.

So… until I can afford a REAL monitor, this is the angle that I have to put my monitor at in order to get the prints to match what I see on screen:monitorangle

Now, I’m not that tall. My eye level while seated is directly across from the screen’s center.

Lesson: Do not purchase your monitor for photo editing at Best Buy.

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