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Photography/Branding/Design – That I Admire (and why)

The following websites have various characteristics that I really admire. From the photography, to the website design (both aesthetics and function), to the photographer’s philosophy; they all contain elements that really speak to me. That is not to say I don’t admire all of the people listed above, of course!

Continuum Photography
Their website combines the galleries, pricing, about information, and blog in one website. I like this and I’ve modeled in a similar way. The blog and image galleries are wide (about 1000 pixels) allowing for large images to be viewed. I also like the ShowItWeb slideshows in the image galleries. I dig the green color scheme to but don’t like the darker boarder under the main image header. And I like the relaxed self portraits in the About Us section as well.

L Photographie
The design aspect of LPhotographie I like best is their logo. It is sophisticated, yet fun. I like the bit about shoes in Liz’s About Me seciton. In the blog, I like like the fact that user comments are visible at the bottom of each entry on the main page.

Jon Koch Photography
I like the simple elegance of his typeface and design. It’s very simple and clean. Mostly, I like his photography. His muted colors and use of long lens and shallow depth of field really appeal to me. He uses light and shadow to bring your eye to the subject very effectively. When he uses bright colors, he uses them perfectly.